About Us

Canadian Spirit Memorial is a division of Canadian Spirit Inc. which was established in 1979. Canadian Spirit Inc. employs 85 people in Canada and the USA, with headquarters in Mississauga , ON and Niagara Falls , NY .

Canadian Spirit Memorial was created to meet the unique needs of the Cemetery business.

We have identified four common issues that confront cemeteries when placing orders for bronze markers:

1. The Design Process – Sales Representatives are required to sketch client requests on a piece a paper, and submit the sketch to their artist or the foundry for interpretation. This takes time and is often inaccurate which requires further edits.

2. Client Approval – After the Sales Representative designs the plaque the client needs to wait for a proof before the sale can be finalized. This causes unnecessary delays!

3. Production – The foundry cannot start production until the design and artwork is approved by the client.

4. Order Tracking – Order tracking does not exist.

Canadian Spirit Memorial is committed to provide technology solutions to the Cemetery marketplace.

Here is our four step solution:

1. The marker is designed in front of the client in real time.

2. Approval is in real time.

3. The artwork is automatically generated for the foundry and production can commence immediately

4. The order can be tracked throughout the production process.

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